How to add game FlightSimulator.exe in Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020?

This is the MStore version. I was able to get folder permission but is no possible to add .exe in Adrenalin…

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You can actually make the change via the Windows OS. Go to your Display settings -> (Scroll to the bottom and select “Graphics settings” -> Select Microsoft Store App, and then choose High Performance. Oops, I thought you were asking how to set Windows to use your GPU when using FlightSimulator. If you’re trying to set specific Radeon settings for the .exe, I’m not exactly sure how to do that with a Windows Store application.

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I have updated to Radeon 20.8.3 and it showed up. Previously on 20.8.2 it did not.

Still have ■■■■ performance though with my:
AMD 3600X
AMD 5600XT
32GB 3200MHZ RAM
512GB NVMe
B450M Motherboard
100Mbps symmetrical internet

Stutters like crazy. Doesn’t matter High or Low graphics, still stutters. Frame rate is OK, but stutters bad.

Reloaded Windows 10 2004 with all the latest drivers, tried all the tricks, it is nearly unplayable for me. About to give up till a later date.

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same here. My rig: 3600X and 5700XT, 32gb RAM and 1Tb NVMe
I’ve got 50 fps in Miami, which is fine. Problem is stutters like hell.
It is not possible to use trackir with that level of stutters. Always Headache after 10 minutes .

Update to 20.8.3 shows up indeed.

I have exactly the same specs but running an x570 MB. I don’t have stuttering at all. May be a device plugged in or software running that is causing it.

Have you set a rolling cache? I was having micro stutters when I had, but after I removed the rolling cache it seems a lot more smooth. With your 100Mbit connection it might be worth trying to remove the rolling cache.
Running a 3600 (non-x, all core @4.2GHz) with a 5700XT and 16GB of ram on a B450, also running from a NVMe drive.

Get a random EXE, rename it to “FlightSimulator.exe”, point it towards that.

It works for Rivatuner and Nvidia Control Panel, but I don’t have much experience with AMD software.

Tried without rolling cache, still stutters.

External view is better, but cockpit view in any airplane produces massive stutters. I will not fly externally in this “arcade” mode. After all, this is supposed to be a sim, right?

Another day of fiddle ■■■■■■■ around with this alpha, it should have never been released in this state.

But the stutters is happening also for nvidia users ? Is a game problem

Can you expand on your instruction for Riva tuner, I’ve set up and can get the display stats (FPS, temps,clock speeds) but can’t get Riva tuner to limit frame rates, I have tried typing in FlightSimulator.exe.

Are there any other options in Riva should be enabling or launching Riva first before flighjt sm etc.

Any help would be appreciated

Once you changed the folder permissions and able to traverse the folder to find the exe file just make a shortcut of it and take ownership of the shortcut then add it to Radeon settings