How to add objects using OSM?

I came across the “We Love VFR” addon and am very curious how thousands of chimneys/towers etc were added using OSM. I understand how to add objects by hand one by one, but how are all of the thousands of object locations stored in the BGL files? I can only guess that QGIS or ARCGIS was possibly used in conjunction with OSM data…maybe? Any help is appreciated.

I did the same with my project

First you Need to acquire some data from OSM, i use this tool:

Then export the result (as kml or CSV or whatevee)

Now comes the fun part, start coding a program/script to parse the result into a nice .xml the sdk compiler can read and compile It with fspackagetool

Of course you need ti build the 3d models you want to place in the sim with your coding


I do it the same way for We Love VFR. Because of the amount of the data I process, I have a local copy of the whole OpenStreetMap. I extract the data with Overpass. Then my software tries to figure out the details and appearance of the objects. Then I cross it with thousands of manually edited data and generate scenery file.


And your work is much appreciated

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Awesome thanks for the replies! Great to get a reply from the creator as well! I had actually already started writing a little JS XML parser thinking that would work but I was just making sure there wasn’t a easier/different way…

So is it possible with this tool to export the railroad network with ( or without) the electric lines ( catheters)?

Technically - yes. But the number of objects would be huge and might cause stutters.

I understand. But so far, your excellent addons as well as the one on powerlines did not significantly affect the fps.

Railroads (not necessarily the trains on them) are a must in VFR flight. We use them all the time as reference points in real life, and it is somehow strange that this network is not included in MSFS by Asobo. The imagery is not sharp enough to see them from a distance in flight.

Also interesting to see that in Xplane, those data have been integrated from OSM , and the updates are frequently proposed by Simheaven (new extracted osm data for all the continents in his X-Europe, X-America and, X-Asia freewares)

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Xplane has a bit different (and IMHO better) system for linear features like train tracks.
I won’t say anything except: I have some ideas, be patient :wink:

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tell me more please

Thank you for all your Scenery based on OSM data generation :slight_smile:

My dream and hope for 2024 SDK is to be able to edit a specific area around the data driven procedural infrastructure (height/stories, type, roof type etc) in the same way we can edit trees in an area we draw in dev mode.

Even better, if we can draw a footprint and with some sliders and options generate our infrastructure on a spot where the aerial imagery is new and has a footprint not part the AI scanned data :star_struck: