How to Author Liveries in Substance Painter with a 30-year vfx veteran

I know some are fans of my dirty liveries, and last week a user asked if anyone is using Substance Painter to craft liveries, so I’ve created a how-to guide for my process of getting up and going with livery creation for MSFS. I had my start in the VFX industry 27-28 years ago texture painting on Antz and this work brings me back to my artist days and has been a fun way to stay active through the strikes in Hollywood. Hopefully some of you find this helpful and create some kickass liveries for ME to download! Enjoy!

(it might take a moment for Youtube to process the 2k/4k versions, so if its a little blurry, wait a moment)


This now has a part two which features a full working session starting from scratch and ending with the livery in MSFS, along with some python tools I’ve made available as well as seeing how I achieve things like muddy tires and fingerprints. This should hopefully get you past what would have been a couple of months of struggle. I will be continuing to upload python scripts for users to manage livery creation.

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Dude. This is awesome . Just exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!!

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