How to back up the whole MSFS 2020

Please tell me how to keep a backup copy of MSFS 2020. Can I have it on an external HD? Can I copy and paste it on a different location?

Did you buy the physical version on DVDs or something, or download it? With stuff available in the cloud nowadays, I don’t see a reason to keep a backup when you can just redownload as needed.

I downloaded the thing. But I have added some tweaks to A320. And due to limited data I have (internet), I thought of having a back up. If I get a virus attack and if I have to reinstall windows this might help.

Its not a bad idea to backup the community folder though if scenery and files have been added.

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I suppose you could just copy the entire MSFS install directory to another drive… but I don’t know how that would work if you had to reinstall it.

My suggestion since MSFS is so big, if you have it on your C drive go to backup and do a windows 7 style make image. This will make an exact image of your entire system. If something goes wrong you just format you C drive and reload the image and you are back to exactly where you were when you made the image.

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Yeh. I will have an image backed up. Thank you for the idea.

We have a Synology NAS, so I have their ActiveBackup on my PC that does it.

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I use Macrium Reflect for all my hard drive backups.
Backing up my partition with FS installed on it takes 20 minutes. That is to create an image of the whole 600gb drive. 20 minutes to Restore if needed. No brainer.

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