How To Clear All Keyboard Assignments

I need to clear all keyboard assignments except the Function keys and the Enter key.
How can I do that?

Controls/Keyboard. Then you should see all the assignments. I clicked in the left box on each key and then hit “clear” for each that i wanted to clear. Tedious, but it worked.

I started doing that…but realized it would take hours…

And it did not seem to work. I deleted all assignments for the letter V and the map still popped up when i typed it.

This is very frustrating…
Perhaps somebody else has a solution?

Theres probably a xml file you could erase it all. But these files are hard to find and depends if your you have the ms store or steams version. Good luck.

Thank you both.
The reason that I am looking for a solution is that I need to sign in to my SKYVECTOR account inside the MSFS screen.
But somehow the Password can not be typed and typing the letter V (after removing it from the keyboard assignments) now just add some weird symbol.
Probably another Microsoft “Nanny” protection…
So I am stuck!

Cant use the mouse to paste the password?

You can’t delete the default profile settings, they’ll always be there in case needed again.

Make a new profile, then delete away, one at at time.
Tedious but doesn’t take that long really. Remember to save it.

You may use the keyboard on screen feature of Windows 10, and type with the mouse.

Thanks, but even typing with the virtual keyboard get’s intercepted by the MS “Nanny”.
Unfortunately, that makes the SKYVECTOR App useless…