How to configure a complete cockpit with tactile transducers

Hi All

I am going to build a DIY Cessna cockpit and want to integrate Simshaker for Aviators (SSA) with tactile feedback in MSFS.
I need som feedback on the setup and choise of tactile transducer, how many and where to place them.

My hardware (What I have already) :

1 pcs. Crown XLS 1002 stereo amplifier
(2x 550 Watt / 2 Ohm, 2x 350 Watt / 4 Ohm, 2x 215 Watt / 8 Ohm, bridged 1x 1100 Watt / 4 Ohm, bridged 1x 700 Watt / 8 Ohm)

2 pcs. of Earthquake MQB-1 mini quake
(300 watts RMS, 15Hz – 100Hz, 8 ohms)

My plan is to have:

A car seat with one MQB-1 attached directly to the frame of the car seat.

A plate (wodden or metal) where my MFG rudder pedals are mounted and an MQB-1 mounted to the plate as well.

Two or four mini tactile transducers (eg. dayton audio) attached to a frame where my Honeycomb Alpha Yoke and bravo throttle is mounted

I don’t care about stereo output from SSA sound module, but i want my amplifier to run in stereo mode. One channel to drive the two pcs. of MQB-1 and the other channel to drive the other two or four other tactile transducers. Thereby I will be able to adjust level of the seat/rudder separately from the Yoke/throttle.

My question are:

  1. Can i run my amp. with two MQB on one channel together with two different transducer in the other channel if thy matched in the same ohm range pr. channel?
  2. Could i use any 8 ohms transducers in the second channel?
  3. Wich transducers world you recommend for the second channel?
  4. Would you recommend another solution?
  5. How should i wire it up?
  6. Would it make more sense to use four MQB-1 (but the are expensive)?

BR, Jonit

I have 3 one under my seat and two under the cockpit panel. I use 3 amps and 3 sound cards. The one under the chair has all events assigned to wont need one for the pedals as your legs will make it feel like there is vibration on them. The other two are assigned the fist one im using the sim sounds and the second one using sim events this way you have control over the volumes to find the right balance. It taken me awhile to get it all dialed in but once you get there you will be in heaven. This really adds a whole new dimension in immersion. Josh

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Awesome setup! Any hints regarding how you are using sim events for tactile output? I’m just starting my search on the topic. I have a similar cockpit setup and am looking to enhance the immersion. Just got a transducer and a couple of speakers mounted in my seat, but I’m driving them using sim sound.
As you mentioned, getting the levels dialed in is tricky. I’m using Air Manager to deal with the electrical I/O to the sim so I am familiar with events and variables. Just need to figure out how you ported those out to a sound card. Oh, and don’t you wish they let you change the volume of the pilot on ATC? I’m trying to port just the radios (and maybe a bit of cockpit sounds) out to the speakers behind my head. Of course I can use communications mode, but I’d like to add a bit of cockpit sounds as well.

Off topic… really wish they would fill in more of the functionality for events and variables in the SDK.

Cheers! -Todd

This is the software I use here is the manual take a look. Its taken me a while to get it all dialed in but now I hardly ever change my volume setting for the transducers.

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I am using Simshaker for aviators wich is a free software but it needs to connect to payware software simshaker sound module for aviator. Have a look at, you can download free demo copy of the soft software to try it out.

It works like this, as far I understand it.

Simshaker for aviator connect to MSFS and read the telemetri data from MSFS, and then send the data to the sound module wich converts the data to sound waves (or actually plays a unique waw file for each type of telemetry data). Sound is send to output via a dedicated sound card. The Sound card is connected to an amp. an there your tactile transducers. Fairly simple, it is cheap and works well.

You can tweak the amount of output (volume) from each of the telemetry data. And if you wish also the sound wave files if you want more tweaking.

Hope it makes sense.

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Wow this looks much more sophisticated than my solution using the simshaker for aviators software.

But I dont quite understand wich sofware is needed for this setup and the price?

Can you guide me on this, maybe i want to try this out. Is it beta and nor out yet?

here´s my “temporary” setup. My plan is to build a cessna 172 panel/cockpit.

Still need a tactile transducer for the yoke/throttle, wich is on the way by postage.