How to contact airports (even) further from you

When flying 320 v2 or ATR with Simbrief plan I have to fly VFR and use the “airports further from you” menus to request landing clearance. The runway the game gives isn’t always the one Simbrief gives.

Especially in the much faster 320 the airport this means you can be well past the start of the game assigned approach before you can even request clearance and now I have to turn around and start a new approach.

Contrast that to doing an IFR flight planned from the world map (or in a plane that supports asking for IFR clearance of a Simbrief plan - eg 787) where in-game ATC gives you approach instructions from even further out so you can adjust as needed.

So my question is: how to contact the airports beyond the “Airports further away” + 9,9,9,9 menu?

Genuine question because I typically only fly GA so I don’t run into this issue, but assuming the airport you’re trying to contact has accurate frequencies in sim, couldn’t you tune to the that frequency whenever you want and bypass the ATC airport selection? Or does that somehow break the ATC flow of letting you contact them?

I do not fly the fast tubes all that often, but I can import a Simbrief Flight Plan and fly that with the Sim ATC under IFR rules.
The only thing to remember is that before clicking on the fly now button I select the approach or runway I have determined in SimBrief.
When you are on an IFR flight plan, there is no need to contact ATC from far away.

If you want to use the in-game ATC you should probably synchronize your flight plan with it – this is complicated by some of the third-party aircraft not making any attempt to do so themselves as you have noticed!

You can load the flight plan file saved from Simbrief at the world map screen, or later within the simulation from the pause screen (in which case you may have to put in “.” in the file dialog to see the saved file).

When flying 320 V2 (I know nothing about how the ATR works with this) you have not fly VFR only. With the help of “SimBrief Downloader” you can import your flight plan to the sim root folder (in case you are on Steam this is “C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator”)and then select it from the Map screen you use to load a flight (press “space bar”, then press it again, and press on “Load from this PC”). The plan will apear on the Map screen. Then just select a Gate desired and press “Fly” - this will tell the Sim’s ATC to use IFR (after you select a gate you may need to re-select SID. Arrivals may be skipped, and for some planes must be skipped). After loading at the Gate/Ramp load your SimBrief plan again as you usually do via the MCDU and EFB. The plan you will se if you open your VFR Map in this case not always will be the same you will see on your Navigation display in the cockpit.

In case you are still VFR you can find your destination airport via the “VFR Map” - there is search option - type there your airport and there is be a window with airport data, including frequencies and METARs. I did not try to call on those frequencies myself, but you can try - just do this “realistically”, from 150-100 km, let us say.

Thanks all, but these to be PC oriented solutions. I’m on Xbox. I’m not sure if i can import Simbrief plans at all outside of the in-sim EFBs and flight computers?
Observation: The 320 v2 and ATR aren’t fully third party. 320 V2 is part of Sim update 15 and the ATR was commissioned by MS/Asobo as an “”“advanced aircraft”“” (or something to that effect.)
I’ll try the airport direct tuning and see if that works.
Thanks again