How to create additional content, courses for the Reno Air Racing expansion?

Anyone have insight yet on what SDK tools or content will allow expanding the Reno courses? I am referring to what was stated by Jorg Neumann in this recent article:

Per the article:
“My real hope is that people make races for people all over the world. I keep saying to the team I want to see a Grand Canyon race; I’ll be the first to sign up! This is now another tool in the SDK set so people can make races with it.”

Well here I am, one of those people looking to make such races. I’ve developed missions, race courses and various content for other sims in the past and have some great ideas about courses I’d like to develop for the community. However as for MSFS, to date I’ve only created a couple of addon liveries and know my way around a JSON file, but otherwise have no experience with MSFS development yet and don’t find anything specific to Reno course creation in the current SDK. I’m a fairly competent self-learner and old-school software dev from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s but no longer do active development work in my job (systems design and high level architecture is my current gig), and could use a nudge in the right direction to roll up my sleeves and take this on.

Think about not just the Grand Canyon but Costa Rica… San Francisco… Hawaii… Nice, France… down the Rhine river… we have the whole world at our disposal here for cryin’ out loud, and should be able to do more than just race in the high desert of Nevada (not that there’s anything wrong with that) :wink:

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

Erich aka Stoopy

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I would very much apreciate something like this… albeit it is probably difficult with the current lobby system and “private” races would probably be needed in order to find players for non-standard racing…

But it would be way more exciting for me then just buzzing round in circles. and even in the simplest form allow for recreation of those longer distance historic air races that are so fascinating. Just think of how races like London to Paris in Bleriot IXs over the channel with just one start and one finish gate for timing would be simple but engaging fun!