How to create ground service option?

I rebuilt an airport, and it seems that there isn’t any ground service! I create some jetways and everything that I was interested to create at the airport. But there isn’t any ground service option! how can I add ground service to this Airport?
I know there is a Tutorials about this, I tried that but it didn’t work!

[018] Creating An Airport - Improving ILS with Scenery - Microsoft Flight Simulator 20 SDK Tutorials

any idea how to create ground service?

Add a Polygon in your airport and set the Airport size, that usually sets the level of services.

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Also, make sure you have the correct parking spots (at least a GA_LARGE that is ~23m radius) for airline services, make sure all parking spots are connected to the taxiway network, and that the taxiway network connects to the runway taxiways.

It’s also a good idea to have a FUEL parking spot, connected to the taxiways, as well as a VEHICLE parking spot connected to the taxiways with Vehicle taxipaths. These are required for fuel services from a truck, as well as a “Ground” frequency to contact and call the services.