How to disable the airport symbol?

Look under assistance, airport markers.

Hey, thanks for your answer;)
I disabled this in the menu but the symbol is already on the screen…

I think there is a small bug in this ID marker, I had it remain on screen for an entire flight when I was more than 100KM away from it, only happened once though.

Ah okay. Many thanks for your help!! :slight_smile:

But does this also remove the fixed airport markers, which I’d prefer to keep for now so I can find the airports? Would just like to get rid of this annoying icon.

I think it’s supposed to disappear when you get to it, it’s not an airport marker it’s a takeoff runway marker, I’m not able to replicate it but I don’t see any option to disable just that marker.

I also can’t find a way to disable that marker no matter what I change in the assistance options. It is a very stupid feature. If you turn on taxi markers (arrows) you can find the runway so why have a duplicate marker for the same assistance? In any case, you should be able to turn all these things off for the most realistic experience. I happen to like the taxi assistance at airports I’m not familiar with but they sure need to be less obtrusive.

The taxi guide markers can be reduced/changed with a TP addon “Tiny Taxi Ribbons” - think it’s on Apart from my home airport I rarely visit anywhere more than once.

I can not replicate what you are seeing. With the airport marker on in my system, airport marker will become visible at a distance around 5 miles (8 km). In turn, they will disappear as you travel that distance away from them. When I turn the airport markers off in the assistance menu, the markers are no longer displayed.

It seems to occur when departing a non towered airport with the taxi ribbon turned on. The only way I have found to get rid of it is to go into the menu, under assistance, and turn it off. It is a useless runway marker that is very obtrusive and worthless considering the GIANT blue arrows that are already present with the taxi ribbon.

there’s a Mod that creates tiny arrows (and not further than your lights)

Yep - Tiny Taxi Ribbons - in my post.

The marker I wanted rid of was the moving arrow/circle thing that appeared to point and distance my takeoff point.

Would you believe it, today it’s disappeared! I didn’t change anything, honest!

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