How to do long flight on Xbox one?

So I’m planning to do a long flight this weekend. I play on Xbox one on a tv and I’m not going to sit there for the whole flight so if I turn off my tv and let my xbox on will the game shutdown or will it keep on going?

I bought myself a USB mouse jiggler (any will do) which prevents the simulation from pausing itself. I usually increase sim rate (see controls options) and don’t bother about ATC.

Ok so if I keep on checking in on the game every 30 mins will it pause?

Yes. You need to be active. Check it out yourself at the gate, the sim will pause itself after some 10 or 15 min.

ok thank you:)

Does the sim pause automatically for the PC as well ? I was unaware that any auto pause was active ?
Is that a game software function or Xbox or PC hardware function ?

Can’t comment on PC usage as I am only familiar with Xbox.

This is a well known problem:

This is easily solved by following these directions:

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