How to find corresponding binding with cockpit button/switch?

When there is a non-standard button / switch / lever etc. in a plane, how do I quickly identify the corresponding binding in the control setup area?

Do you just trial and error it until you find something that matches up with the button/switch?

Thanks for any insight!

Any specific example?
Most of the control assignments have a name very similar, if not the same, as in the plane.
Ensure the filter on the left side of the controls page reads “All”.

For example, in the DA40. The electric master key switch. It goes OFF / ON / START. My HC Alpha’s key (typically bound to the magneto key) will turn to start, but I’m unable to find a corresponding binding to switch it to OFF. I’ve looked through every reference to Electric/battery/etc. Nothing seems to work.

Fundamentally, my questions is: If a button/switch/etc. is “clickable” or “movable” via mouse click in the cockpit of whatever plane, does it have a corresponding binding? OR… are there certain clickable buttons that simply DO NOT correspond with a binding?

There are some that do not, and those are mostly in these cases, where it is different from the normal on/off type of switch.
The Da40 is a diesel, so the only way to stop it’s engine is to stop the fuel.
You could try under “Instruments and Systems”, “Fuel”, either “Trigger Off” or “Shutoff Valve Off”, that may work.

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I am using “” for extended button/switch usage. It offers more accessible Events and Vars.

I’ve seen mentionned a few times. I haven’t explored that yet at all. I guess I’ll take a look into that! Thank you for the info!

Thank you! I guess that settles it. I was hoping for a simple solution that could be configured from inside the cockpit where you would hover over a button and be able to bind it directly there, without going through the control configuration area.

That’s easy to do though.
PM me if you would like some assistance.

Yep, and it offers exactly what was asked by the OP: a way to see what actually changes when you push or turn something in the virtual cockpits.

It’s not the easiest of programs to get into, but hey, I managed it! And I’m a silly old geezer.

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I bought last night and dived right in. This is EXACTLY what I wanted! I was hoping to find that functionality inside the sim itself, but SPAD works awesome.

So far I’ve only created a partial profile for the JPL C152, but as I move through it, I’m getting better and faster. Appears to be a very POWERFULL program… I will never go back to the sim “Control menu” after this. The fact that Spad changes profiles automatically when you switch planes is a game changer in and of itself!!

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Good choice. :sunglasses:
If you need tutorials, Les O’Reilly has posted several on YouTube.

For me it has been a game changer, as well. I have the Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo plus a set of Virpil pedals, and SPAD.neXt has enabled me to get much more out of those purchases. E.g., I have found a way to control acceleration of the Bravo’s ALT/SPD/HDG knob with a shift-key on the yoke.

Most recently, have made the A/P panel work flawlessly with the WT CJ4. Using the data monitor in SPAD.neXt, even enabled me to make the lights work on the Bravo with the free add-on Better Bravo Lights. Without SPAD, I wouldn’t have known which variables to look up.

Yeah… Les O’Reilly seems to be THE guy on YouTube for I’m going to be binge watching his playlist… Better then Netflix :laughing: