How to find ILS Freq. and CRS?

In fsx, you had a world map and clicking on an airport would give you runway course and ILS/NAV frequencies. How do you find the two in MSFS?

Here you go friend ,

Click on the navaid near the end of the runways on the world map. If the is an ILS frequency it will show there.


I don’t remember FSX providing ILS, etc. I always went out and got the approach plate from Airnav’s website, then saved them under the state/icao code. Suppose it was in there, but never could find it. Plus having the approach plate, which is fairly easy to read, gives you everything. I find FS2020, harder to get the navigation data out of, although Grippersim on YT, has a video on it. Others YT’bers also have training on things as referenced above as well. But now mine quit working and is stuck on “Gaming Services” which I cannot delete, and it won’t download the update, although it says it has. This sucks.

No way in flight without GPS devices using, in browser for now

for the US i use

for the rest of the world i use

or you can get a nifty program called littlenavmap which will get all the airports info from within FSX. ( it does a import )

In sim try this

At least for the DA40

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I use to find that information. The site can also give you frequencies for VORTACs. The search function works well.

That’s how I always do it in the C172. I set that page before taking off so I can quickly check or load things at the appropriate time. I never set a landing runway during preflight but let ATC (or the weather) decide which landing runway to use. Planning everything before taking off makes the flight a bit boring… :wink:

Where’s the ILS radio frequency on that? I can only see runway headings

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That menu doesn’t open for me, do you hover over it or what?

I paid for an app called simplatesx. Its not cheap but well worthwhile. It has every airport in the world with all the approach charts. Makes life very easy

Make sure you have the map set to show NAVAIDS in the FILTER. Then click on the Navaid Icon.

Just looked up Simplates X. Looks fabulous! And available for your phone? Pretty cool.

Skyvector(website on desktop or mobile) or FlightPlanGo (app on mobile) are useful to get this information.