How to fix runway to taxiway elevation issue?

Does anyone know how to fix a terraform issue - occurring only at the Runway to Taxiway transition? The whole airport has been terraformed but I can’t seem to get the runway to be level with the surrounding area at the taxiway junction.

I tried doing another polygon terraform for the runway only but that just made matters worse.

not a realy solution for your issue… but why don’t you adjust a little better the runway terrain (no additional polygon terrainform, but the runway slope itselfs) a little be up at the end… and another help might be adding terraform rectangle polygons below taxiways with a standard slope into the runway

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Thanks, I thought of doing a sloped runway (the real runway has a 0.5% slope) but did not know how to do that.

Just want to to say that I have fixed my sloping runway issue after a great deal of struggling and much learning - all is good (for now)