How to get full reverse thrust on a joystick button?

Hi there, i have a joystick and a throttle axis. How do i configure the controls to set full reverse thrust using a button (flying the tbm 930 and the Kodiak 100)???

Go to the Controls options in the sim and search for “Toggle Reverse Thrust” or something similar (away from my PC at the moment so this might be a little off). In any case, bind that toggle to a button. After you press it, your throttle axis will modulate reverse thrust just like it would normal (forward) thrust. Press that button again and you’ll go back to normal thrust.

So after landing, you’d press the button to toggle reverse thrust, move your throttle to get the reverse thrust level you want, then reduce it again once you’ve slowed. Toggle forward thrust again and taxi to the ramp.

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I prefer to use the Hold Reverse thrust. So that I can pull the thrust slider to idle, then hold the button that was bound to the Hold Reverse Thrust command, and while I hold that button, I increase the throttle slider to increase the reverse thrust power.

Once I’m done, I pull back to Idle, I release the button, and I push forward again to regain my forward thrust.


You may not get this working as its currently broken.Search “reverse thrust broken”.

Works perfectly fine for me.

Mapped to reduce engine thrust. If im going to use reversers bring the throttle to idle then on rollout press and hold down the whatever button is mapped for reduce thrust. It will bring the throttle into reversers mode. Once done simply blip the throttles forward and you will be immediately taken out of reversers.

If you find ‘toggle reverse thrust’ or ‘hold reverse thrust’ actions don’t work (they are bugged) then try ‘decrease Thrust’. If you press and hold that it will give you maximum reverse thrust.

The Reverse Thrust toggle is bugged in the main SU7 release. The open beta hotfix to SU7 fixes it and returns functionality to how it has been since the sim was released.

you can get full reverse thrust by { toggle throttle reverse thrust } assigned to a button, in addition assign { full throttle 1 } to the same button, this will fix reverse thrust until they fix it…

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YMMV I guess. Works fine for me in the TBM. Maybe cause I’m using the Throttle 1 axis

It was already set the way most repliers told me. But it seems indeed broken… so i will just wait for the hotfix. Is there any release date known?


Nothing official .
It may be a hotfix or the next update to the sim is scheduled in the new year.
Your guess is as good as any ones.

Skip all the confusion with the “reverse thrust” assignments and simply Permanently use the reduce thrust assignment instead.

That assignment “reduce thrust” has never been bugged or broken.

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Agree completely…except I think the action is called ‘Decrease throttle’ (got it mixed-up myself above)

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