How to get Garmin working on iPad?

So I currently use Spacedesk to connect my iPad and then pop out the Garmin to fit the iPad screen. This seems to work quite well apart from not being able to use any buttons on the iPad screen.

Does anyone know of other ways to have the Garmin working on an iPad?

The pop out screen from in game does not allow you to use the buttons as you would in the cockpit. If you wish to use touch control on the Ipad, then your only option AFAIK is air manager, and use one of the plugs in, or make your own plug in for it.

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Yeah, there’s no way to do this without 3rd party software to make this work. Air Manager is my choice for said setup. I use a pair of 15.6" touch monitors plus an iPad and Andriod (running SpaceDesk). I use a combination of hardware (via my Honeycomb peripherals), touch screen, and a Knobster to control my instruments and controls.

That said, my early setup used only the pair of tablets. The monitors were added later.


That’s so slick! You deffinetly have the best setup i’ve seen posted when it comes to AM pannels. Escpeially the CJ4.

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