How to get insider hub?

Im new to the game and my friend told me to get insider hub from the marketplace when ever I search it in the market place, it doesn’t show up. Do you know how to get it?

Is this what you’re looking for?

I assume you mean the Xbox Insider Hub? - it’s in the Microsoft Store (and not in the sim)


Microsoft store


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oh ok my bad sorry I’ll cheack it

You will need to get it from the Microsoft Store-it’s called “Insider Hub”

This app lets you join the Betas :slight_smile:

ok but what are betas?

The Betas for Microsoft Flight Simulator, like current #sim-update-11-beta which is happening.

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thanks for helping

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I have a question, I play msfs2020 on my dads account and if I buy insider hub on my account will it work on my dads account?

On Xbox-any apps that you download sync across accounts. So yes :slight_smile:

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oh ok thats a relif thanks

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