How to get rid of generic airplanes with ugly liveries forever?

Guess everyone knows them. Sometimes you can even fly through them. Sometimes they lay over other airplanes. I even bought a dlc for more realistic airplanes traffic. But these ugly generic airplanes are still there.

I wonder why since we also have live traffic. That should be enough for a realistic feeling.

set the traffic slider to 0?

But then there is 0 traffic right?
I activated the option Real Time online. How comes that the sim then generate generic airplanes? What are they for?

AIG is still the best out there for Liveries / Model Matching.

Very rarely do I see autogen liveries unless it’s a custom one someone is using.

I use “All World” from LVFR but i still have AI liveries.

There are plenty of options, but none of them are as extensive in terms of models and liveries as AIG. That said, it’s not as easy as others.

Once you have it setup and every flightplan downloaded (which is basically every airline and every livery) it’s untouchable!

And free.

I don’t use it for traffic injection as I only fly on VATSIM, but the model matching is awesome.

Afaik AID has only Airbus and Boeing planes with liveries. Free is great. In the end its important to get rid of ugly generic liveries.

That’s incorrect.

Everything from GA, Turbo Props, Airliners (from all manufacturers).

Really? Then my information is outdated.