How to get the CRJ to use the MSFS world flight plan

Is there a way to get the CRJ to act like the default airplanes so that it will utilize the default FS generated flight plan? There has to be a file to mod or something. Every default plane I’ve tried preloads the MSFS generated flight plan for you.

You already say it happens with the default planes. But this is not a default plane. So unless Aerosoft makes it available, it is not possible at this moment

Not possible. Aerosoft said that only planes that use the default MSFS navsystems can use the game’s flight planner. Aerosoft has a custom nav system. SDK limitation

You can create a flight plan in SimBrief though and import it directly into both MSFS and the CRJ FMC.

Do you think the “nav” system can be changed inside the plane folders?? I have no issues with the default navigation system.

Nope. The CRJs systems are encrypted and totally custom. You should also expect all other third-party aircraft to have custom nav systems too. PMDG, QualityWings, etc.

I use SimBrief to see what my plan should be (mainly for fuel planning), enter that into MSFS so ATC knows that’s where I’m going (I have to manually enter points along jetways since MSFS doesn’t recognize), then manually enter into the CRJ’s CDU (it’s a breeze with the ability to enter jetways). I like the idea of going thru each waypoint in there and making sure it all lines up.

MSFS default in the A32NX would often enter a leg of the STAR twice and I would have to delete waypoints anyway, so I personally don’t trust the default planning to add correctly.

For increased automation, as someone else suggested, you can import from SimBrief but then ATC doesn’t recognize the route initially, so I do my way and get best of both worlds.

Does MSFS allow you to save one of there flight plans and then “export” for the CRJ?

You can certainly save a MSFS flight plan. There might be a converter out there.

I use Pilot2ATC to export my flight plans to MSFS, Aerosoft, X-Plane 11, and plain text (ICAOish) formats.

Then again I don’t use the default ATC or flight planner anyway so this works for my workflow.

simbrief can be downloaded directly as a MSFS flight plan or a CRJ flight plan. no converter needed

That does not help people who plan from the world map.

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That’s true. You’re out of luck then.