How to get the Navaid frequency in flight?

Been trying to access the navaids info in flight for frequencies… nowhere to be found.
Even the nearest VOR or nrst NBD options on the G1000 doesnt work, only nrst Airport is displayed.
Does anyone found it??

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Possibly not quite the solution you are looking for but you could use either or perhaps LittleNavMap, but the later does not currently support import of data from MSFS. However, if you use or have P3D, FSX or XP11 installed you could use the data from them. HTH.

Navigraph is also fantastic. Its a subscription service but its very good.

yes, they do work, here is a video explaining how to do it:


im using littlenavmap at the moment to access the navaids freq, but it havent been updated for msfs2020 yet, so a few of them are missing or incorrect.
They really should improve the inflight map with all the infos, including frequencies for radios and navs, runway heading and lenght, airport altitude…
Just had a look at Skyvector, looks great for the US, pretty incomplete where i looked elsewhere.

$12+gst/month… no thank you.

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Nearest VOR or NDB works on G1000. search for it on MFD (page NRST)

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yea i use insim ATC instructions but real world navades for airport information. so far it sets me down on the insim active then ATC follows thru with ground and parking to a completed flight. the sim doesnt always like it when i plan the flight’s active with real world weather so i take what ever ATC approved when i get there. also i found the insim weather doesnt always match the insim ATC info…