How to get the SR22?

How can I get the SR22? I can’t seem to figure out how to try additional airplanes

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You’ll need to buy the Premium version to get the Cirrus.

It’s part of the Premium package.

I don’t know that you can try the Premium package, maybe through Gamepass? It’s quite a bit more expensive to purchase the upgrades a la carte if you didn’t purchase them together as the bundle. But maybe that doesn’t matter to you.

Personally, I like the plane, but

  1. the data entry pad isn’t implimented
  2. The flight model I think could be less reactive to input. When I fly the plane, it reacts much too quickly to input. It could be I should change my joystick settings for Microsoft planes vs payware planes and it could be better that way.
  3. Like all Microsoft planes, the doors don’t open… WHY??? So sad.
  4. It’s not a 1:1 duplicate of the actual avionics of the actual plane. But, it’s a Microsoft product, not study level.

But, otherwise, the modeling is beautiful, especially the interior. And I found myself flying it again the last couple of days.

I imagine as well somebody will release a 3rd party version eventually. Eaglesoft had a nice one for FSX, I don’t know if they’re still active. I wouldn’t see much point in a Carenado version (who knows, they may have developed this one), as I wouldn’t see any advantages to their version except the opening doors, I don’t imagine they’d address the other issues in any way.

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The SR22 handles real well with Honeycomb Yoke and Throttle. Why you need the doors to open is beyond me. I find is a very good plane for the package

Maybe the previous poster is a skydiver? Need opening doors for that!

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It depends on what version of MSFS you attained mate. I believe, there are approximately 3 different versions that have different price points that naturally have different amounts of Aircraft/Handmade Airports etc.

Don’t get distracted folks. All the Topic Author what’s to know is to how to get the SR-22. Save the other stuff for an appropriate topic.

New to MSFS…I down loaded the premium and can see that the SR22 is in my content but can’t access it? Anyone know how I can access it?

Install it through Profiles - Content Manager.

Hi is there a Cirrus add on separate to Asobo - I do not have the deluxe version of Fs2020 but want to fly the Cirrus SR22 or is there an ability to upgrade to the deluxe version ?

There are upgrade options to Premium and Premium Deluxe in the Marketplace.

ok thanks !