[HOW-TO] Graphics Settings and Performance Guide - Discussion Thread

That’s really helpful, I have had a quick look at @Grabber523 posts and there is a lot of detail there. So it should be helpful. I am just trying to work ahead before I get my new build.

Reading the various posts from @Grabber523 has left me wondering if I can as a temporary measure build my new PC (i5-12600k / 32GB 3600) and hold off getting my new GPU (when/if prices stabilise or I can in early when FE cards land). On my current PC I have a GTX 1660 super, I wonder what level of performance I might see with that card paired to the new i5-12600k if following @Grabber523 settings.


Has anyone on here watched this video?(shared on a thread elasewhere here) I was skeptical about it until I followed every step last night and am getting super silky smooth stutterless performance in FS. Probably the best I’ve seen so far when panning views in scenic dense airports during takeoff/landing.


I use some of his settings and some from other sources however also prefer to let Nvidia handle textures, aliasing, filters etc. where it can. Note these settings I use when limiting my fps to 30fps in MSFS while recording (1080p) and particulary over PG, otherwise I leave them uncapped but enable Vsync in NVCP which limits fps to my screen refresh rate (60Hrz) even in the menus. Apart from the high DSR setting they are fine for 4k too.

One glaring mistake … In Global settings antialiasing mode should be to override

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One more thing … I can’t speak for 10 but I have Windows 11 and gaming mode should definitely be set to on as it reduces uneccessary services etc. I don’t bother with GEforce at all.

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Interesting to know thanks for sharing. I’m on Win 11 too and have game mode enabled too. HAGS currently off. I take it DSR is upscaling by NVidia to 4K from 1080? Sorry, but I’m not familiar with this feature.

Yes but just antialiasing as far as I can tell, it’s pretty easy on the fps but does cause some loss. And yes, I’m on a 32" HDTV so can probably see more of a difference than on regular monitors. My 4k TV I have to fight for.

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Not sure I’ll need it, but I’ll read some more into it.

On 4k no you won’t need DSR however the other settings are all good and don’t hurt performance.

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Have you tried testing any differences with antialiasing mode/setting/transparency set to on/off? Those setting should tank your performance if they actually apply

Nothing I’ve noticed and certainly not with a 30fps cap, I will test again without and come back to you.

Edit: 38.7 to 37.9fps, Less than a frame and that was with a restart inbetween and a cloud directly infront of me on the 2nd try but only on the horizon previously. I suspect there was only a problem with this setting before SU5.

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I’ve seen a lot of discussion about HAGS on or off, but what about Variable Refresh Rate in Windows 11 graphics settings. I have it set to ‘ON’ but does this interfere with the 60Hz screen (TV) rate and VSync within FS? Should this be turned off too or is VRR desirable with FS? My TV supports VRR, but I’m just not sure I need it.

I’ve no idea with VRR but I imagine it’s not specifically supported in MSFS (that’s if it needs to be). The monitor has to support it too which puts me out of the equation.

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It is supported (at least I think it is) on XBox, but who knows for sure. Would love to see a guide for all this by the devs. Maybe NVidia & MSFS settings override Windows VRR, but I have no idea. I’ll have to do my own benchmarks.

This is basically just repeating my post here on October 25th, 2021, but I noticed that the developers have updated their recommended settings as recently as 7 January, 2022. Might be helpful to check it out, if you’re still interested.


Do you have any link to that?.
EDIT: found it thank you.

Could you please share the link? I cannot find it. Thanks

Click on his user name ( TallestParsley2 in the thread above).
In the pop up, click on it again.
The link is in there


Decreasing performance playing !SOLUTION! - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Edit on November 3rd, 2022:

going to retest for SU11, have a bit more spare time on my hands now

Looking forward to the update!


Just saw this! Thank you @TheOriginalBabu

We all greatly appreciate the time you spend on this