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Thank you TheOriginalBabu,
since there is no in game Benchmark yet it helps us a Lot!


Thank you for this very useful guide, do you notice any difference in performance if you disable photogrammetry?

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Added to the Todo list!

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Well there is…turn on Developer options

Totally offline mode test?

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Not much different than regular testing with the state of the servers atm :wink:

joke aside, i will probably do some testing with all the streaming options disabled

Thank you! Fantastic guide! You should at least get your fs copy for free considering all the explanations should have been in game already!


Thank you for this, It’s nice to know which graphics options affect CPU performance. My i5-6500 is doing its best lol


If we could download this for printing it would be a great first help…

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I think you deserve a free copy of whatever addon you desire.

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The formatting is designed for the forum. I can’t really think of a way of putting it in any other forum, plus maintaining multiple forms of information will be hard as I plan on updating it often.


Hahah, thanks!

Thanks for the wiki. Just sharing my experience, the recommended settings give me a 10-15 FPs boost from ultra with minimal visual difference. Running a RX5700 with a ryzen 5 3600.

With ultra preset I get 25-35 FPs in photogrammetry areas and the extra 300.
I get 40-50fps in the same area/situation with the wiki settings.

Good stuff


Do you think the settings will get fine tuned as we get more time with the sim or are you fairly confident in this being a good balance for visual and performance. I have tweaked a few settings based on the FPS you got rather than the recommended setting and am very happy with the FPS. Thank you for your guide.

You know what would be really helpful? Just a simple thread with your recommended settings. You explained everything really well, but I was tinkering and wanted to go back and set it up with your settings, and it’s a little clunky to go thru each and every point and opening them up.

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What’s the deal with no Thrust Reverser controls? I will be on now from 1:30 PM EST to ??? I am ASXGS and will be on 122.8. I’ll be flying around Cuba. Let’s do it!

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These settings works perfectly on MY computer. I have been tweaking since the begining and this is the best i can get out of MY computer.

I get a stable 40FPS where ever i’ve flown so far. It drops ofc a couple of frames when loading the scenery but it never goes under 30FPS so it’s barley noticable because G-SYNC takes care of most of the jerkyness.

-Here’s my specs and settings-

–G-SYNC Enabled–
Monitor: Acer Predator XB271HU @2560x1440 @85Hz.
(Not the ideal flightsim monitor) But these settings work great!

CPU: i5 8600K, All Cores @4,1Ghz.

GPU: MSI Geforce GTX 1070Ti Gaming 8GB @1860Mhz.

Motherboard: Asus Prime Z370-P (Cheap motherboard).

RAM: 2x16GB Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 @2666Mhz.

Windows 10 build 2004 installed on a KINGSTON SUV400S37 120GB SSD
and Nvidia GPU Hardware Scheduling ENABLED.

MS FS2020 and -LATEST PATCH- installed on a Samsung SSD 860 EVO 500GB.
Rolling cache on a Kingston RBU-SC100371 128GB SSD.

FS2020 Settings:

Screenshots taken from ESGS, Southwest Sweden with the above settings. Smooth as can be! :slight_smile:

Nvidia CP Settings (It’s in Swedish but i’m sure you can figure it out :wink: Only changed 2 things):

Maybe a good base-setting for some people. I just wanted to share this. Tell me if it works great for you too!

// Pavage


I’m getting decent performance with these settings on 2560x1440.The terrain LOD seems to have the hardest impact on performance on my setup. I would like to call it the stutter Slider.No tweaks done in Nvidia CPL

Terrain pop is a bit annoying in the distance in photogrammetry areas going pass 1500ft.Something I will have to bare with until I could afford a supercomputer
@TheOriginalBabu Very informative and we all appreciate your efforts.

Update Terrain LOD now@150


Awesome writeup, @TheOriginalBabu!! Thank you for taking the time to test all of those. It definitely helped me squeeze a few more FPS.

One thing you mentioned was that the HDR setting might have a performance impact on NVIDIA cards, so I decided to run a little test to see if FPS and image quality change with it off. I turned it off in the config file and there was no change in FPS (exact same conditions in both tests), nor could I see any improvement (or degradation) in image quality, colors, etc. Not sure what it does, but i’ve decided to keep it on since it doesn’t hurt.

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