Don’t buy RTX 3090

Actually looking forward to the new AMD gpu benchmarks. I read they were developed closely with Microsoft so who knows. Would be good to see team red give Nvidia a shake up. Have been less than impressed with the new RTX series so far.


I think it’s all going to be the same ■■■■

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Next-gen :crazy_face:

yet still uses 4 physical cores mainly.
doesn’t utilize GPU properly even tho it hits 99% usage, it’s dividing the resources in a wrong manner.

This sim needs optimizations badly, in this day and age this kind of framerates is unacceptable on high end setups.
People say “but it’s a sim be happy you get 20-30fps”

sorry but even star citizen runs better with more detail and draw distances etc.

EDIT: just fyi if asobo is reading this, downgrading visuals is not optimizing your sim.


Some screenshots here.

Madrid Barajas airport Terminal 4, live weather. Many static aicraft with custom Iberia / Vueling / Spanair liveries (some of them appear mirrored, don´t know why).

A320NX mod, latest developement update. FS2020 settings: everything on Ultra. Sim version

AMD Ryzen 3900X, 12/24 core CPU at stock speed (4.59 Ghz fastest core). 64 Gb RAM.
nVidia RTX 3080, stock speed. 4K 40" monitor.

Exterior and interior screenshots are in different days and parking spots, but I can tell you performance in both cases is essentially identical.

(Screenshots downgraded to 1920x1080 by the forum software, not representative of actual quality).

As you can see, the interior view with de A320NX is still above 30 fps, even with 12 AI aircraft with heavy textures in view. Not great, not terrible.

I´m still CPU limited, but that does not mean using a 3080 card makes no sense. The GPU thread doesn´t take much less to process than the GPU (25 vs 28 ms) so I consider this system fairly well balanced with the limitations of the software.

Heavy clouds take a greater hit in the GPU and the sim becomes GPU bound, but still usable around 30 fps.

Yes, I´m one of those stupid persons who consider 30 fps in a flight simulator as usable, even if it sounds “cliche”. I remember the “good old” FS98 / FS2000 days, with custom airports at 8 fps in high end machines, so I will not sand-bag Asobo for not optimizing the code properly, even if I expect better multicore usage with DX12.

The fact that I can enjoy this kind of image realism at over 30 fps is enough to make me happy. I choose not to be angry just because I know it could be (maybe, even should be) 40. I just never expected to see Barajas look like this, and I prefer to focus on the bright side.

Anyway, I belive using a RTX 3080 / 3090 at less than 4K is a waste of money. With such CPU bound software (flight simulators have always been limited by CPU) the only way to keep your graphics card busy, is giving it more pixels to render. At lower resolutions older and cheaper GPUs are more than enough, even my 1060 was kind of OK at 1920x1080.

And I tell you… image quality really improves a lot going to 4K, particularly instrument readability inside the cockpit. I consider it a must for this sim, and reason enough to buy a high end GPU.


Are you running the sim on Ultra settings for everything? What are the numbers on the sliders inside the sim?
Also, have you tried tweaking some settings through the Nvidia Panel?
As much as I want to get a 4k monitor, those frame numbers stop me from doing it. I seriously don’t want to struggle playing this sim less or at 30 fps. Yes the visual looks way nicer but eh having to struggle once you fly over big cities idk about that.
What kind of monitor do you have? Is it Gsync as well?

When you are CPU bound no need to upgrade your GPU. I was cpu bound with my old i7 3770K (OC 4,4GHz) and I’m now running an I7-10700K (stock speed) with my GTX1080 (OC) and I’m really happy as I have 60fps 1080p everywhere with mid/high/ultra settings.

If I had a 4K monitor @ 144Hz instead of my 1080p 60Hz TV, using the same settings, I will need a graphic card 9,6 times more powerful than my GTX1080, and AFAIK it don’t exist yet :wink:

Saying that, the 3090 will be really useful for the VR version of this game.


Just like Spinal Tap, an amp that goes up to 12 delivers a killer solo ha ha.

Joking apart, afaik DX11 is limited to 4 cores, but DX12 can handle more cores.

However the improvement over 4 cores/4 hyper threads is not linear, sometimes 8 cores is only 33% better depending on the benchmark.

To be honest, even though I have a perfectly good 2080, I’m also considering the 3080. I’m glad I didn’t jump on it early though. With AMD’s new GPUs announced and on the horizon either matching or beating all tiers of the 3000 series at lower prices (for the most part) and with more memory, we’re likely to see new, faster offerings from nVidia on the high end that are more price competitive in the coming months.

Regardless of what team people are a fan of, competition is a good thing. I’m glad AMD have finally stepped up to the plate and delivered solid GPU performance for a change.

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Same here. I have 3800x and 1060 6gb and my GPU goes around 80%. Everything in Ultra. No 4K though.
I was thinking to upgrade my GPU but I better wait for a bit longer.

What resolution?

If what they said in the Q&A last week is to be believed, the next update optimizes CPU usage and multi-threading even more. That should mean that the load on the main thread will be lightened, allowing more data to be fed to the GPU. I’m pretty pleased with the performance increases I saw in the last update. There’s always room for improvement though.


Yes, noticed the terrible cloud textures last night as the beautiful full moon was rising… please make the clouds back to how they were!

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I think you’re on to something. Inside my cockpit the fps drops, when going to external view, its smooth as butter.

Maybe a MOD is the cause? I do have some planes modded.

Is it worth upgrading from a 2080S to a 3080 if I fly in 1080?

Why would run a 3080 on a 1080p ??

I purchased a new Alienware monitor few months ago which unfortunately is 1080 so I’m not planning to replace it for a while.

Right now I run render scale 100 so I assume one benefit upgrading to a 3080 is I can run a higher render scale?

Yes you can run higher but I don’t know if your monitor will help you

From my personal experience, cherish your current GPU and hold off until MSFS gets better optimization. The Nvidia 2080ti series won’t, I repeat, WON’T make a difference towards quality or frames until Asobo does something about it.
I am seeing almost the same amount of performance and FPS when I had my good old 1080ti !

L.A. is still unplayable with a rtx3090 and rtx1080ti at high settings.