[HOW-TO] Graphics Settings and Performance Guide - Discussion Thread

Thank you so much for your detailed guide @TheOriginalBabu. It’s really helped on my i7 4790k paired with a EVGA 1070. Cheers :+1:t2:

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@TheOriginalBabu Absolutely correct had to turn Terrain LOD back to 100 Any higher stutters. Probably due the fact I run a slow i5.Maybe I will be able to max it out on an i9 perhaps

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Causes stutters on an i9900Ks 5ghz too… think they need to fix it…


I can run it @200 but with the sacrifice with other settings.I just increased it to 200 but had to turn shadow maps and terrain shadows down not flying in cities though!

like for VR , the first settings you cranck down are shadows, SSAO , so it seems correct that you have better results when trying @200.

even if i play at 1080p TXAA renderfactor 100, i will try to lower shadow resolution today, to see if we loose render quality or not (maybe at airports only), i think it is a good way to grab more fps , even if at 1080p it is smooth already . Ambiant occlusion is great for RPG games , here less. I m wondering if the grainy mushroom effect on clouds is related to that. there s things to investigate with shadows management. !!

Any idea what the impact of “Glass Cockpit Refresh Rate” is and what Low, Medium, High etc actually correspond to. I use to find about 15 fps was a good compromise for the main displays.

refreshrate of the displays in cockpit, like pfd, mfd, fmc, hud

I understand that, what are the number values though, how many Hz? What’s the FPS gain with each one.

I don’t know the actual refresh rates.
I’ll test it out if my ■■■■ game actually updates and doesnt get stuck downloading one file :stuck_out_tongue:


By far the best analysis and guide out there. I really appreciate the hard work. My system works so well with these settings. Before I was as confused as everyone else :slight_smile:

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I just wanted to say a thanks for posting this guide. I’m on an Alienware 15 R2 laptop running a GTX 1080 through a graphics amplifier, so not the highest end hardware ever — on installing the game it recommended I put things on med/high not ultra. Anyway, I went through and put all graphics settings to the recommended ones in this guide, and the sim just looks amazing now. I just took off from Seattle at dawn, and it was silky smooth and the difference between the sim’s recommended settings and how it looks now is just incredible. Thank you!

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excellent guide. it helped me alot on launch day to enjoy the sim at very good performance and gfx settings. any chance you can do an update now after the new Japan patch was released? it seems that the sliders yield different results compared to previous versions of the game.

What a superb piece of work! Many, many thanks for all the effort you’ve put into it. Highly appreciated.

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Thx also from me, it helped me to get my old rig up to speed with an i5-2500k @ 4ghz, only update I invested in is replacing the 560TI with an MSI 1660 Super and I am running live weather with almost all slides at high w/ excellent visuals. Again, thx!

Really thank you, this thread helped me a lot, my FPS increase a lot.

i7 - 9700K + 32GB DDR4 + RX 5700 XT 8GB + SSD 1TB + HD 1TB

hi, i am just curious whether you are getting stutters?

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somewhat unavoidable for this game

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I want to share what I tested and know about fps efficency

My monitor 2k 144 mhz .The tecknician where ı bought my monitor told me that if you want to see full fps that 144 mhz.you must use data port cable for connect monitor and computer.
Not msfs but for another game ı tried this.when ı used hdmi cable ı took 60 fps.when ı tried dataport cable ı saw 144 mhz in that game

Now ı am taking 50-60 fps in msfs 2020 with
İ9/9900k and 2080 ti


I’m sure the lot of us here that are on monitors with refresh rates >60 Hz are using DisplayPort* cables, but this would be an interesting thing to take note of.

*that’s what actually spelled, just letting you know :wink:

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will made bit more finer update…

HDMI 2 is able for:

  • 2K 120 and also 144fps (needs good cable)
  • 4K 60fps

DisplayPort instead can handle:

  • 2K 240fps
  • 4K 120fps

note: DisplayPort should allways used if the word “Game” is mentioned…

Possible your monitor is not able to handle on HDMI Port more than 60fps, which is sometime the case. This is mentioned in the documentation of the monitor. We not know what you have for an monitor, nor the used cable, etc…