How to guarantee landing and takeoff credit?

Only occasionally does my log book register both a takeoff and landing. I usually get credit for landing, but not takeoff, but sometimes it’s the other way around. It doesn’t matter whether I’m in safe mode, normal mode, in a 3rd party aircraft or a default aircraft, nor at a 3rd party airport or a default airport. In other words, completely random. Does anyone have any tips to guarantee credit for both takeoff and landing? For what it’s worth I’m using the Steam version.

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I read somewhere that the sim wouldn’t register a takeoff unless thrust is set to 100% or close to it, which could explain why airliner takeoffs are not registered in the logbook since I use thrust reduction most of the times.
To test the theory, try taking off in a Cessna with full power to see if that gets logged.
The definition of takeoff might have changed, but I can confirm that most of my takeoffs are not registered, only landings.

Hi this has already been discussed here and here.