How to implement RF legs with arc center point/fix?

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As FlyByWire released their new custom flight plan manager, all my RF legs from the procedure I created are ignored because I did not declare any arc center point. I also asked Fenix for their A320 and I will face the same proble…
Below is the code I modified to add the arc center point in the RF leg. I used recommendedIdent Region and Type for the center point as for AF legs where the recommended Ident is the DME itself (so the arc center point…), but seems it is still not working. I just paste concerned lines, of course the structure of the file should be ok (waypoints declared inside airport and below legs are in the TransitionLegs of an approach)

<Waypoint lat="29.1720039" lon="93.5527956" magvar="0.5" waypointType="RNAV" waypointRegion="ZU" waypointIdent="LZ203"/>
<Waypoint lat="29.1531323" lon="93.6528785" magvar="0.5" waypointType="RNAV" waypointRegion="ZU" waypointIdent="LZ201"/>
<Waypoint lat="28.8883336" lon="93.5359033" magvar="0.5" waypointType="UNNAMED" waypointRegion="ZU" waypointIdent="C0301"/>

<Leg type="TF" fixType="TERMINAL_WAYPOINT" fixRegion="ZU" fixIdent="LZ203" flyOver="TRUE" magneticCourse="93.0" altitudeDescriptor="+" altitude1="18500.0F"/>
<Leg type="RF" fixType="TERMINAL_WAYPOINT" fixRegion="ZU" fixIdent="LZ201" recommendedIdent="C0301" recommendedRegion="ZU" recommendedType="TERMINAL_WAYPOINT" theta="21.2" flyOver="TRUE" turnDirection="R" magneticCourse="0.0" distance="5.4N" altitudeDescriptor="+" altitude1="16400.0F"/>

Arc is from LZ203 to LZ201 and the center point I calculated is C0301. I took theta as the heading of LZ201 from C0301 (as it is for AF legs). By the way it also does not work if I define theta as the angle of the arc and also if I delete theta.

Hope anyone could help or at least get any clue as all procedures I made, that were working before, will be quickly out of use…Should I precise that this project is for free (already on so no business here, just personal as some procs are not included inside AIRACs for this airport I like to fly to.

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Problem solved as some arguments of Leg were not indicated in the documentation, but I found someone that informed me about the arcCenterFixIdent, Region and Type that can be used.

subject closed