How to increase POI name tag visibility?

It seems that I can only see the POI name tag at 2.8 kt miles then it quickly disappears…is there any way to increase the amount of time and distance the name tag shows?

I believe the draw distance is embedded in the actual Object so only the developer can define a greater distance that it shows up at.

Doesn’t it seem strange that you can only see the name tag for a few seconds from a very specific distance then it disappears?
If for example I have in my view 10 POI tags scattered all around at various distances in order to see what the actual name of the POI tag is you must actually fly 2.8k from the POI.
There may be an edit ability in one of the files or mod to extend this.

For me it would be perfectly fine if you could point with your mouse over the banner to see what it says regardless of distance. At the moment you need to move the center of your screen/view direct to the POI to get the name of it.

I’ll check it out…thanks.

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