How to install 777 salty mod?

Hi guys i just need an advice how to download the 777 200 - 300 ER salty mod. I have the 777s bought from the marketplace.
I installed the salty mod from and moved it to the community folder and tried to fly the plane but the loading took forever and at the end it didnt open, when i removed the file from the community folder everything worked normally.
So my question is which salty mod and from where should I download it.
2nd question is do i need to install the 777s from the captain sim website for the engine sounds mod and the salty mod or they work fine on the market place version? Thank you

Hi there,
I changed your title so that people would know what your question is before they click into your topic.

Thanks man

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That Salty mod was discontinued 9/2021. And about Cpt. Sim: I’m stunned that this dev is still available in the Marketplace. Next time better read the reviews first, before buying.

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Amazing thanks

But that is the mod for the Asobo 747-800.

Oh, 777. Disregard what I said. I don’t use hack mods in my install. You’re better off without it.

Don’t know what you mean by hack mods. I never fly default Asobo-planes unmodded, and quite a few modded planes (and avionics) are very good. No problems with them (Salty, Headwind, WT) Couldn’t fly these planes without them, and they’re free. I don’t always want to fly the FBW, CRJ or PMDG.

The Salty 747, Heavy, FBW A320 and others are mods of existing default Asobo aircraft and they are great. I also never fly without them.

Hack mods are when you force the systems and flight model of one plane into the exterior model of another that doesn’t belong and is not a true representation of the aircraft. Like the 777. It’s a bad hack of a default aircraft. The more you know…

But my question is: should i buy the 777s from captain sim website in order to make the salty mode work on it? Because i have the 777s marketplace versions, i downloaded salty mode for 777 from and when i moved the file to the community folder, i opened the game and tried to fly the 777 to test and see if the mode worked but the loading took forever and didnt load at the end, so should i buy from the official website both aircraft?

IMHO, no one should buy anything from Captain Sim…

Again: That mod was discontinued. No mod will work on Cpt. Sim 777. If you haven’t bought anything yet from Cpt. Sim, keep it that way. Google around a bit and read the reviews.

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