HOW-TO Install Premium Deluxe (solution here)


Below is how you install Deluxe and Premium Deluxe after the Standard version has been downloaded:

Go to menu / Profile / Content manager / and selected “toggle all” now the button says “Download Selected” so that you can install the additional goodness of Deluxe (?GB) and Premium Deluxe (3,79GB). :slight_smile:

Note, that you might have to enter, wait a bit and re-enter a couple of times into the Content Manager and packages will show up eventually. This has been the case for a MS Store purchase. For Steam purchase the packages might be available later but as soon as possible.



Cheers, Scuby


Sorry, but I do not get the download now choice. And I have the receipt from MS for $127. I want my stuff!

Same here … not getting it

Ditto. Been trying for 2 days now.

Ahh Entitlement Management. (A fancy way of saying what a user is allowed to download)I remember doing this at a previous Game’s Industry job.

It is always a chore to get it working right! :frowning:

I bought MFS Premium Delux and just downloaded this package. Do I need to download anything else?

The solution to this problem for me was in my ESET permissions for FS2020. I had to enable “both” in directions and boom it worked.

I just put a new m.2 in and thus had to reinstall. This is the solution that worked for me.

Take care and all the best!

I tried Scuby’s method. A couple of airports were ready for updating but no sign of the 5 extra aircraft that I paid for (p. Deluxe) and never did get.