How to know if any buttons on the KingAir AP are active?

I have been flying the MS default King air and have masters it pretty good apart from one issue. The autopilot buttons do not have any LED indicators when a button is engaged and the MFD also has no on screen info when you engage a system. I have had a few occasion where the NAV has disengaged for what ever reason and there is no audible warning. I note that in most on line tutorials the hover mouse comes up with on screen messages telling you that a button is active or otherwise but I must have disabled mine in my attempt to stop the onscreen assist boxes appearing in the middle of the screen and even going in and resetting everything back on I still cant get my mouse-over to show the button status.

Please please can anyone help me in fixing this annoying situation?

Check Options—>Accessibility for the two switches for tool tips. One is for labels, and one is for descriptions.

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Indeed this is the workaround I use as well. If description tooltips is grayed out, turn off legacy cockpit interaction.

Some of the autopilot functions are displayed on the PFD when they are active, such as AP, ALT, VS, etc.

The problem with turning off “Lagacy” is that then I must single click the mouse or multiple roll the wheel to tune a knob. Can you imagine doing that for a 9000 ft altitude change?

Yes I could imagine that would be annoying, but simply moving the mouse axis left or right increases or decreases altitude. On some planes there is also a separate knob for 1000 ft versus 100 ft increments.

Notice I called it a “workaround” instead of a “fix”.