How to Lock FPS

Can you lock your FPS using something like Geoforce Experience… I’ve searched through all the options but can’t find anything. If it’s not possible with GE what’s the best way to lock FPS?

In the graphics setting on the Sim, I just have the target framerate set to 30 FPS.


in your nividia driver settings…choose option for special application. in this case select MSFS. and there you can select “max fps”. there you go.

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Not GeForce Experience but in your GeForce Control Panel.

Brilliant. Thank you all

Sure that option is there in the Nvidia control panel. But what I just havent decided yet is wether its a good idea to set both the graphics card AND the Sim?
I feel that the option on the Card is there for applications that dont have a FPS limiter in the application.
I have both set but still dont really know if that is a good or bad idea.
Equally I dont think that the Nvidia setting is really specifically there for MSFS. I mean the range goes from 20 to 1000. Yeh, right !
I am going to start some tests. Probably start with card set to 30 and sim set to 60.
Its an interesting question which I have never really thought about.

Setting in the sim probably works better due to frame pacing and how that may work with DX12 (as opposed to the old-school ways of using NVCP or RTSS). But the devs may be able to add more info if this can be raised at the next Q&A…

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I’m not sure, but: if fps is set in graphics driver, the app still goes through the trouble of calculating the frames (taking CPU and possibly GPU cycles), whereupon the graphics driver just throws some away before they hit the GPU frame buffer. Whereas, if the application limits the fps, it could save itself some CPU and possibly GPU cycles by never calculating frames it does not need.


In game you are limiting Vsync.
Is not the same as limiting fps in Nvidia and has an extra benefit of reducing GPU temperatures.

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I have set it to 39 FPS in nVidia CP because I use G-Sync and see no point in Vsync.
For all I can tell, this gives me a much more stable and stutter-free sim experience.

Should I reconsider?

Vsync option in game use adaptive vsync, and the numbers only refer if you run your monitor at 60hz, 60 will lock fps at your monitors refresh rate, 30 to half your refresh rate and 20 to a third.

Check with 30 or 35 then compare smoothness and GPU temperature.

Well I decided to go for it. Just bought an Acer 49" curved widescreen. Hooked it up and all I can say is WOW! Wish I’d done it months ago. I left the in-game Max FPS at 60 and did a quick from/to EGLL. Achieving 45 FPS on approach and then 30 FPS taxiing. Everything is really smooth and I love it.

Thanks for all your replies

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Rivatuner works great. The GeForce one never works for me

I see no difference between the two.

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