How to make a visible SVG Toolbar Icon?

I am unable to make an icon that shows up in the toolbar. I am using a template provided by Maximus, and renamed icons from other people’s projects work, mine don’t. I used Infinity Designer and also tried exporting my failed icon out of Inkscape to see if the format is wrong.

If anyone has done this correctly I’d like to know how in detail please.

I have the same problem. I am working on it since hours. Used dozens of programms. It shows never up. Only svgs of other people are visible. :frowning:

If I find the reason I’ll let you know…
Maybe it has to be adjusted by a tool from Microsoft. I still have no idea.

I just had the same problem, when I tried to save a rasterimage as SVG. When I create a real vector image with inkscape and safe it as SVG, it works. So I suppose, that rasterimages in an SVG container did not work.
If you open the SVG with an editor, i.e. notepad++, you should find your image data formatted like this:

  <g transform="translate(.081085 -.91043)">
   <g transform="matrix(1.0497 0 0 1.0497 -.44626 -6.2133)">
    <path d="m4.7371 13.174h8.9992v0.66817h-8.9992z" style="fill-rule:evenodd;fill:#000000;stroke-width:.23832"/>
    <path d="m4.0932 13.508a0.50113 0.56795 0 0 1-0.50113 0.56795 0.50113 0.56795 0 0 1-0.50113-0.56795 0.50113 0.56795 0 0 1 0.50113-0.56795 0.50113 0.56795 0 0 1 0.50113 0.56795z" style="fill:#000000;stroke-width:.26458"/>

but not like this:

   <use x="6" y="5" width="41px" height="34px" xlink:href="#_Image1"/>
        <image id="_Image1" width="41px" height="34px" xlink:href="
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Thanks :o) It’s really helpful to know that Inkscape works !!!

I thought I had already tried it already but I am downloading it now for another try.

I did not edit an image intentionally, I was using an Asobo SVG file that I saved in SVG format from a Affinity Designer (amongst others).

I will check the output file as you described as well :o)

You are welcome. I am Not very familiar with svg format but I remember, that I had to convert the inkscape objects into paths and that I saved the result as Optimzed SVG, not as inkscape svg.

Thanks a lot!