How to make an object visible from a long distance?

Hello, I’ve imported a very large object into the sim but the problem is that everytime I move a bit too far from it, the object completely dissapears. I want it to be visible even if you go very far away (it’s for a video), does anybody know how could I do this?

When the screenSize (a virtual sphere including the whole object) is below 0.5 % ot your screen space, the object is removed from the rendering. You can’t do nothing to avoid this behaviour.

But you can fool the engine by making the object larger, usually using a invisible cube/plane under/below the object (using invisible material)

more info here
MSFS SDK Tutorial - Episode 4 - How to LODs - YouTube


Thank you for the answer, but the problem is that the object occupies way more than 0.5% of my screen (as I mentioned, it is pretty large), in the LODs it says that it has 95.48 screen space before disappearing. I think that it’s due to the distance from it (∼100km before not showing up), not from the screen space.

Can you show the “object”?
100 km is a very long distance…is your object a mountain?