How to migrate to a new PC without the initial download?

I have a new PC and want to migrate MSFS to this new PC without having to download everything again from the Windows PC Store, I would like to preserve as well all the setting including the config for my CH yoke and pedal.

Considering how power hungry MSFS is, this step by step procedure should be part of the standard install documentation. Ideally there should be an option in the game to migrate to a new drive, new, folder or new PC. Microsoft like to say that they are there for the long term with MSFS, then they need to support our migration to new hardware.

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I would just re-download it, that’s what I did. The loader is so jacked up who knows if it will transfer correctly. And if you did it will probably just decide to re-download it anyway.

I copied my flightsim folder, added new hard drives, pasted folder to new drive, did install through Microsoft store, selected drive where I put folder and bingo, no need to download whole Sim.

You can use some software to Clone one drive to another.

I personally would not trust the integrity of a copied install, so while it might be technically possible to copy the files I wouldn’t pursue that path.

I also personally would not migrate to a new PC by cloning the windows 10 of the old system. Well, I would in some cases where I know the source system is rock solid stable and healthy from an OS standpoint. But would try to avoid that.

If you must avoid the 100GB download, and there are no reasons not to clone the OS and disk then I’d go that route.

Steam purchasers probably have an advantage in this respect, as Steam managed games tend to be easer to move, migrate, and manage. I’d consider the file copy route if it is a Steam version. But for windows store, I wouldn’t even consider it.