How to monitor or find out what button is connected to what Event ID?

Yes, some switches do not have sim connect events defined. Those can not be monitored or controlled by Spad or any other external software. You can only interact with those using mouse.

However, it might be possible to achieve the function of some of those switches, by manipulating sim variables and series of commands. For example; if heading sync button does not work, you can write a script that read the heading data from GPS_TRUE_HEADING and write to AP_HEADING_SELECT variable. That essentially does the same thing.

Similarly you can use generic sim connect events for switches that are inop, or even for aircrafts that does not have corresponding systems. Window de-ice sim connect event for example, enables window heating independent from virtual cockpit switches or aircraft systems.

Also, it might worth to check the in game controller commands. Some of the switches that doesn’t have sim connect events, might have in game control bindings. For these, you can indeed make the controller binding in game. But if your panel or controller is not recognised by the sim, you can assign the event to a keyboard key and use an external interface that can send key presses.

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Thanks! Still learning about the controls so what you said makes a bit of sense, the challenge is finding the appropriate values to look for and edit.

For example; if heading sync button does not work, you can write a script that read the heading data from GPS_TRUE_HEADING and write to AP_HEADING_SELECT variable. That essentially does the same thing.

Ok, heading sync is bugged, but the stuff you mentioned don’t seem to exist?

I don’t know if WzdOz is using a custom variable but mine looks like this:


Make sure to set the unit to “Degree Latitude” in PLANE_HEADING_DEGREES_GYRO

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Could you use a mouse pointer macro to click a pixel maybe for the events that are unavailable?

if that was possible, you’d never be able to look around and in order to use the click function you’d have to be centered exactly in the right spot each time you wanted to manipulate a button/switch/knob.

Oops yeah right. I was trying to figure out the gps buttons too.

I believe what we will have to wait for is paid for aircraft that are fully modeled and each button mapped to an event. but the sdk doesn’t have these events yet, so until there’s more dev i don’t think there’s going to be 100% no mouse. in time, i suppose.

Does the Carenado 182 have all the buttons mapped, anyone know?

i don’t think the carenado is even a glass cockpit. its steam gauges isn’t it?

G1000, I was thinking of wiring up pushbuttons for it. So with spad.nxt you run game, push a button and it lets you assign a button on arduino?

In theory, yes, but unfortunately we still don’t have any of the Garmin events supported. That’s the only thing preventing some of us to create our own G1000 bezels.

What about Those Event ID‘s
Scroll down or search the page for „KEY_G1000_“ don‘t they work?

They do not work. Have filed a bug report 3 Weeks ago.

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I’ve filed a report as well, got closed and marked solved. But I can confirm that with their latest version, it still does not work.

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I believe that ZENDESK closes the tickets once they enter into their bug database. The message that it is closed and marked solved does not mean it was actually solved. I am not sure why they operate that way, but I believe this was explained in previous messages that is the way they handle the reported issues to ZENDESK.

Alright guys, our community (MobiFlight) has figured out how to look up the eventIDs. MobiFlight WASM Module now allows to manually add new eventIDs and provide them for the configuration.

The basic workflow is: Enable DevMode. Start Up the Flight, activate ModelBehavior Window, chose the interior.xml of your aircraft and then dig through the XML structure looking for (H:EVENT_NAME) entries.

It’s a bit tedious but it works fairly well.


Thanks for this info. Once we find the event how do we add it to the WASM module event list please?

edit the events.txt - it’s quite simple


It seems to me that EFIS functions such as “A320_Neo_MFD_NAV_MODE_1” and “A320_neo_MFD_Range_1” dont’t work yet although they are in the events.txt already.
I tried them by using parameters 0-5 and 0-4. Nevertheless it’s great news and looking forward to the new possibilities :slight_smile: