How to move around in the cockpit in VR?

Hello, i can not find a correct answer to this simple question ?
How can i move around at first person in the cockpit in VR ?
Thanks very much for your kind answer.

I get up and move to the seat next to me or behind mw when my wife wants to have a turn at flying.

I just use the different camera views. I set up a hot key on my yoke thar brings up the top menu and I go to camera views, you then just pick the position you want. Setting up the key also allows me to access anything else available in the top menu like navigraph charts and weight settings and maps and more.

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Thank you but i would like to go around like a drone.

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I’m not sure how to do that but, I would also like to know how.

Use the arrow keys up/down left/ right and Alt (hold) up/down keys to go backwards and forwards


Do you find that in some planes this movement is limited to the boundaries of the cockpit? In the early days I used to be able to “translate” out to the wings and under the plane, but an update seemed to change all that.

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If I remember well the commands are called „translate view up/down, left/right and back/forward“. I put them on two coolie hats on my HOTAS, so I can easily move around in the cockpit during a VR session.

And yes, most cockpits have boundaries now.

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Yeah, I have no idea why they did that. It makes setting up a home cockpit view tedious at best. If you can’t quite get it right then you have to edit the camera.cfg which should never need to be done.

Not sure if I misunderstood the question but if you switch to drone mode in VR, you can move freely wherever you want to go by using A, S, D, W, F and R on the keyboard to move left, back, right, forward, down and up.

On the numeric keypad, you can use 4 and 6 to turn left and right, 8 and 2 to tilt up and down etc. Nr 5 will reset the position and view. As I recall it, 1 and 3 or could be 7 and 9 will lean the view left/right.

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Showcase camera with an xbox controller.

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Pressing “insert” key gets me outside in drone and I use Xbox controller to move around. But how do I increase the drone speed?

X+Left trigger: increase, X+Right Trigger: decrease, as XBox gamepad default assignment if you didn´t delete it. Very useful, I use it each flight many times.

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Thanks! But unfortunately that does nothing on my controller.

Yes, the option is called in MSFS in its controller section like “INCREASE/DECREASE DRONE TRANSLATION SPEED” by default increase X+LT, decrease X+RT, or you can assign whatever you want.

Yes, I know that thanks, yet it will not react. I’ve reset those option to no avail. In fact I lost all functionality at one point and had to reboot msfs to get it back. So I’m back to slow drone speeds. I suppose it’s something in msfs that doesn’t like my xbox controller lol!

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The camera window in the toolbar has a drone speed slider, on the relevant tab. It starts out at about 4% from memory.

Not as convenient in VR perhaps but that’s what I normally use as I rarely bother to plug in my Xbox controller. I make do with the keyboard for the occasional time I fly around with the drone camera or adjust the cockpit camera. The arrow keys are easy to find by touch :grinning:

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