How to paste Bing Maps API key into Sky4sim

Hi, Does anyone know how to paste the Bing map API key into the Sky4sim app on first launch. Any help greatly appreciated.

I install Sky4sim on my PC with config Bing API Key
I write a Wordpress article for SkySim
Sky4Sim PapaPilote Wordpress article

In this article the prerequisite for obtain a Bing API Key
Look if that answers your question.

Best regards

I test Sky4Sim but impossible to Load PLN File in Sky4Sim
Load in Msfs2020 OK
But In Sky4Sim : Dont open


You have two options for that :

  • 1 : Outside the game : Run the Application and use the link Open pad in web browser. Then load you flightplan using your navigator. You can close your navigator, the flight plan is in the application.
  • In the game : Open the pad, then go to flightplan, and select Open/save. Careful, sky4sim doesn’t see directories. I hope it will be fixed.

I can’t open the pad in web browser anymore, anyone else having this issue?

Working again.