How to Record VR?

Hi Guys!

So i wanna record my flying in VR. I am using the Oculus Mirror Tool with OBS but the Footage is extremly shaky because i have to zoom in.

Any Ideas?


I’ve always found that the mirror display of the rift always looks shaky compared to what you see in the headset itself.,box%20marked%20Allow%20Desktop%20Capture.

Mind you this guide refers to “games” not simulators…

That probably wont remove the shakes, but the OBS has a plugin to record directly through the VR feed. That way the game won’t look like it was recorded by using an iPhone.

Yeah and whats that plugin called? ?

Literally the first Google result for “OBS VR”

Works fine, but since performance is already borderline without it it might fall below acceptable while recording if you want a high res…

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