How to reload textures in sim after SU5?

In the past, when painting liveries, I could sit in the hangar and switch liveries on the aircraft, and, when I came back to the set I was working on, the textures would all reload. This no longer works.

Is there a way in dev mode where I can look at the plane, and reload textures after modifying them?

Notcied the same problem with restarting a flight, textures are not loaded fresh each time. This is going to be real pain for livery creators. One of the casualties of the performance increase I guess.

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There’s got to be a command in dev mode which reloads textures. I just can’t find it. I hope I don’t have to be editing the plane. I just want to reload the current texture set.

Same issue. It’s going to be a pain for painters. Did someone report it?

Swapping textures on the fly - for example exchanging a seat in a Cessna in JayDee´s cockpit with a black leather seat and check the texture on the fly by selecting a different airplane in the hangar and switching back to the Cessna 172 - is no longer possible.

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