How to reload textures in sim after SU5?

In the past, when painting liveries, I could sit in the hangar and switch liveries on the aircraft, and, when I came back to the set I was working on, the textures would all reload. This no longer works.

Is there a way in dev mode where I can look at the plane, and reload textures after modifying them?

Notcied the same problem with restarting a flight, textures are not loaded fresh each time. This is going to be real pain for livery creators. One of the casualties of the performance increase I guess.

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There’s got to be a command in dev mode which reloads textures. I just can’t find it. I hope I don’t have to be editing the plane. I just want to reload the current texture set.

Same issue. It’s going to be a pain for painters. Did someone report it?

Swapping textures on the fly - for example exchanging a seat in a Cessna in JayDee´s cockpit with a black leather seat and check the texture on the fly by selecting a different airplane in the hangar and switching back to the Cessna 172 - is no longer possible.

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Has anyone found a way to force texture reloads?

At the moment painting planes seems next to impossible given the load times involved.

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The only way I have got this to work was to load a couple of liveries of detailed aircraft like the 787 and 747. Then head back to your livery and MSFS should reload. Sometimes only seems to work the 1st time you try it though. MSFS likes to feel your pain before it gives in :grin:

Thanks. I too observed that sometimes the textures are reloaded after a few hops between aircraft. But it’s unreliable and rarely ever happens.

Also tried the old P3D trick to change graphic settings. But that doesn’t lead to the desired result :frowning:

There’s just no way that any complex and hard to align paint job could be done with such terribly tooling. I wonder if it’s really THAT hard to just add a force reload option to the “developer menu”.

Considering to go the blender route but since that’s a whole new frontier I was hoping to avoid that for the time being.

If you are not using Blender you are making livery creation way harder than it needs to be. I fact I woudl even say it impossible to create a god livery without Blender. The good news is that you only need to use a tiny, tiny fraction of Blender to create liveries. All you need is a plugin to import the aircraft 3d models. These 2 videos cover most of the basics that got me started.

It didn’t use to be impossible without Blender. It used to be quite easy when you could just switch liveries and go back again in the hangar, and the new files would reload. We want that feature back again.