How to remove oc to the gpu?

i have an nvidia MSI GeForce Rtx 2060 Super Ventus GP OC 8GB
how to remove oc from the factory.
I was advised to disable it because with flight simulator 2020 it is not good

Try the Debug Mode inside the Nvidia Control Panel.

Whoever advised probably does not know what they talking about. If you dont get graphical corruption and artefacts, you are fine.

You can just run Furmark for 20 minutes and see if your card does in fact have an OC problem. I doubt it.

he advised me because I have artifact problems on msfs

What artefacts exactly? Flickering clouds/texture are apparently caused by not using TAA.

move core/memory clock to 0 if you have msi afterburner.
this is how i’ve ran my 1080ti for years now.

currently on MFS2020 in this pic :grinning:

I have the problem you say

I’ll try