How to remove static aircraft?

I fly MFS normally online (Vatsim) between several international airports in Europe. My settings are under “Flight conditions” :

  • Live Players (to see other Vatsim traffic) under Multi Traffic
  • Air Traffic OFF
  • Weather and Time LIVE

Almost all Airports are filled with Static aircrafts in the scenery and they become a problem while they are blocking the live traffics gates for instance. When you load a new flight the chosen gate can be occupied and you have two aircraft at the same spot.

How to avoid this? Is there a way to avoid static aircraft ( can I delete those in the texture file for instance?)

Any help appreciated

Reduce ground aircraft density under General/Traffic to 0.

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Great thanks!

It does not work for FlyTampa Copenhagen.
I have the Ground Aircraft Density set to 0, but I still see 6 static aircrafts at the airport.
Can they be removed?

Static and AI Aircrafts are a whole different thing.

You might wanna ask the developer to remove those if he/she add static aircrafts with their scenery .

Besides the correct method as OltcitRoom suggested, the only other way of which I am aware is to download Airport Design Editor and remove the parking spaces (or make them something out of the ordinary, like Military Cargo. If you do that then they won’t generally spawn aircraft.

I’m afraid this won’t help much for static aircraft models. Since these as far as I’m aware, they are exactly that…static models like statues and part of the scenery.

It’s a true shame airport scenery developers don’t include an option to remove these for people who don’t want them. Since these models will ruin your experience quite a bit when flying online.

I hope all airport scenery developers sooner rather than later will realize they will miss out on sales for this reason. I’m planning to buy lots of airport scenery now with the PMDG 737 just around the corner. However, no matter how good the scenery is, I won’t buy it if it comes with static models I can’t disable.