How to remove static planes from payware airports?


As the topic reads, is there a way to remove parked aircraft’s from payware airports?? For example there is roughly 8-10 static planes at KPDX by Flightbeam.

In the earlier days the static planes were a great touch given we didn’t really have actual live traffic with liveries.

Now I use FSLTL and it works fine but I would like to remove the static planes from KPDX given they’re taking up gates that could be used for the injected traffic.

My other payware airports gave me the option to have no static planes and or don’t have any to begin with.

Is there way I could go about doing this?

Appreciate any advice! Thanks!

If you go to this link, this has been done for you specifically for Flightbeam’s version of KPDX. I do not know myself by using the SDK how to exclude static traffic for payware airports.


The developer would have to do it for you really. Anything else would be a fudge.


Hi there,
You can do it via the SDK, as shown in the video above my post. (Although, of course, this will only work if you have the PC version. There is a Wishlist topic to allow us to remove these aircraft without the SDK.)

(And just a heads up to anyone watching the above video: Unfortunately, that video came out just a month or two before the package reorder tool was released. So, disregard anything you hear about Content.xml in that video.)

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Ah yes, but the challenge is that when they update it they all reappear. UK2000 used to have a nice feature in their installer where you could de-select static aircraft when you installed their scenery. If only the all had something similar. :blush::+1:

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Thank you! I suppose I could of googled my question and would of maybe found that, my apologies hahah! I figured it would be to complex but looks like someone has already beat me to it! Thanks for all the responses!

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I think it depends on how the original developer place those static planes. If they still made the parking slots available and slap a static object on top of it. Why not remove the parking slots from the airport AFCAD itself through the SDK? Without the parking slots, air traffic or ground aircraft won’t spawn on them, causing clipping issues with the static objects.

If the developer already removed the parking slots from being available in the first place, then there shouldn’t be any issue because without the parking slots, they won’t spawn on them anyway. And static aircraft would just form as part of the airport itself.