How to remove the default cockpit view

Very simple question here.
I’ve setup the cockpit views to my taste and I’m using 4 in the numpad for the pilot view. The problem is that pressing twice 4 switches from the view I set to the default pilot view, this is a little annoying because I would like to be able to pan around with the mouse, press a button and return to my view without passing by the deault view.
Is there a way to remove the default view? Or should I just tweak the default view to my like?
I have no idea how to deal with the default view so any help is appreciated.

You will find in the controls section one for Save VFR view, that one seems to be the default, it is per plane.

So load up, move everything to your liking, and use that Save command (I set mine to Ctrl-alt S)… Then I have a button on the stick to go to the default VFR view… After moving around or doing whatever, I can just press that button and go back to my saved view.

Just looked, that actual setting is “VFR Pilot View Save”

It is in the cockpit camera section.

I have a “save cockpit home” but no save VFR unless I’m not able to find it.
The “save cockpit home” didn’t work, I selected the view I wanted, saved it but then it switches from my view to the default cockpit view.

On the left hand side of that controls screen there is a ‘Filter’, make sure you set that to ‘ALL’ otherwise it doesn’t show everything… Kind of a silly design choice, but thats how they did it… Normally it filters to ‘assigned’, which is kind of irritating.

I found it, very annoying to tweak but I guess I’m going to leave it as a I like.
Thank you very much appreciated the help. This works!

Why not change the default cockpit camera position using the General Camera Options?

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