How to restore OpenXR runtime to WMR?

I’m also flying DCS and I then use VRKneeboard (a.k.a. “VKR”) which is a lovely tool that allows the use of a pen tablet for writing notes (I haven’t seen any such solution for MFS - the ones that exist seems to only support the mouse which is not useful).

Sadly VRK only works with SteamVR so I tried switching OpenXR runtime to SteamVR to see if that would allow me to use VRK in MFS (I’ve seen some others recommend that approach).

It “worked”, but was a complete lag fest so I switched the runtime back to WMR (in OpenXR). But it no longers works. When I switch to VR now I do get the rendering on my flat screen but the VR headset only shows a pointer (cursor); the rest is just blackness. Also, when I go out of VR the (pancake) sim becomes a complete slide show and I basically need to kill it using the Windows Task Manager.

Before I try reinstalling the sim itself; what else can I try? Will it even work reinstalling the sim (seeing this might be an OpenXR runtime issue)?


I fiddled some more, setting the runtime back to SteamVR => rebooting => testing => resetting runtime back to WMR (in OpenXR) => rebooting => testing

rebooting after every change seems to be the solution. Hopefully someone else might have use for this information. Thanks anyway!