How to see active simulation rate?

So I figured out how to increase and decrease time acceleration rate, however I get no UI notificiation to tell me what acceleration rate i have active,

how do i tell?


there’s no UI indication.

That being said, you can press the key to slow time down a few times and then twice to speed it up and that will bring it back to normal.

Or, you can look at your clock in the cockpit and you should be able to tell.

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I saw an addon on that you could try. (I haven’t yet)

so wait, I have to physcially count what acceleration i’m on?

who thought this was a good idea?


This was an omission which has been reported since Alpha. Must be low priority to fix.
Unfortunately the 3rd sim rate input binding is not a Reset function, it’s something else.

Turn on your beacon and/or strobe, and go to an outside view. The strobe flashes about ONCE PER SECOND in normal time.

Unfortunately speeding up the SIM rate doesn’t speed up the flight timer mucking up the ETA.

No, but if you set one of the cockpit timers, it will speed up with the sim rate. Unfortunately, not all the planes have timers.


There is add on like mod sim rate, you can see by voice and on screen sim rate

I have created 2 keyboard shortcuts, one to increase, one to slow down.

If I don’t know how many times I have pressed the increase button, I slow down the sim as much as possible (just press a few times…) and then raise again 2 times - then you are back to normal simulation speed.

I agree with you. There should be some type of display on screen. Same with zooming in/out.

This, as lowest simrate step value is .25

Alternatively, if you use external controller interface like Spad.Next. There is a simconnect variable available, which you can directly manipulate to set desired simrate. That way you can define a button that resets it to 1. Or use the variable to display the value in a panel.