How to see flight hours for specific aircraft?

I went into the Logbook and searched for an aircraft I’ve flown (Let’s say Icon A5), it successfully filters by aircraft but the total flight hours don’t seem to filter based on my search? Am I doing it wrong?

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There is a file in this directory:

Each aircraft you fire up is there and the file in each directory has the engine hours

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Know what the file is called?

the file name is state.cfg

Hmm I don’t have that. Have loads of others (aircraft.cfg, systems.cfg efc…). No state.cfg though :frowning:

Double check the directory path. There are multiple SimObject folders

Ok thanks found it. I have 2 times as follows: Which one is the correct one?


That I can’t say. I don’t know the difference between the two.

Hobbs is the hours that the aircraft is in use. Generally that’s the one you log in GA.

It’ll show on gauge in the aircraft btw. Looks similar to an odometer on a car when it’s on steam gauge type RPM gauges, but may also show up in other forms, including it’s own separate gauge.

I suspect the other entry is the sim’s way of tracking actual wheels up, in the air flight hours for achievements, or something along those lines, given that it shows less time. The Hobbs gauge would be what you would go by in real life though.

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