How to select NAV frequencies?

I am unable to change Nav frequencies in the Cessna 172. I go to the knobs marked com/Vloc and all that happens are the radio frequencies change. So what am I doing wrong, or don’t the nav frequencies work?

Did you switch the active and standby frequencies?

Hi, I have no problem in switching between active and standby frequencies. What I can’t do is change the actual frequencies themselves. Certainly not by using the knobs marked com/loc . All these knobs do is alter the radio frequencies.

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Oh I see – IIRC there is some trick to this actually, you have to hit something to select between COM and VLOC as there’s only one knob for both. I’ll refresh my memory in sim and report back with a screenshot. :smiley:

@Hossman1155 ok you want to push the “Push C/V” button on the end of the COM/VLOC knob, to switch between setting the COM and the NAV/VLOC frequencies. If you’re using the “Lock” interaction mode, this means you press with the left mouse button the enter ‘lock’ and then the right mouse button to press the in-game button. You’ll see the highlight on the Garmin panel switch between the COM and the VLOC segments.

Hi Vibstronium,
being new to this, I am not sure what “lock” interaction mode is and whether I am using it or not. I tried left and right mouse buttons as you described, but it made no difference, still only the coms frequencies changed. I am appreciating your assistance in this matter

Look under Options—>General—>Accessibility and there is a toggle between Legacy and Lock for the control manipulation scheme. I’m not able to interact with the sim at the moment, so I can’t give you the exact wording.

In Legacy, you get a hand cursor to indicate you can push the button, and a clockwise or anti-clockwise cursor to indicate which direction you will rotate the knob. Depending on how you position the cursor — left of knob, directly over knob, right of knob — will determine which cursor you get.

If you’re on Xbox all of this is moot, since you will not have the option to use the Legacy style. With the Xbox you put the cursor over the knob, press “A” and then press “A” again to push the knob.

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Hi NixonRedgrave,
Many thanks for your advice, it was spot on. Changed to Legacy and can now change between Comms and Vloc. Many thanks indeed



You can do it in Lock mode too. You just have to learn how.

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