How to set a new Flight Plan once one leg done?

I am enjoying MSFS very much.
Question I have is, I get that you can plan a route from A to B from the menu.
But when I arrive at Destination B, I want to plan a route to Destination C. How do I do this without having to start again? I get the warning message “flight plan not filed” and then I manually fly off to destination C.

I must be missing something very obvious…

Cheers, Prof Snoopy


I’m new to flight sims, but since launch, I’ve learned how to use the G1000. On there, if that’s available for you, there’s a flp button where you can manually input your next destination. Once it’s there, it will also appear on your navlog, and your co-pilot, if you have them take care of ATC, will act accordingly.

There are plenty of tutorials out there that help you with the G1000 as well, real life tutorial works just as good as MSFS is after all a simulation.

thanks for this tip; I will look for the flp button

sounds good! the buttons and dials need getting used to though. I use my mouse wheel to dial up and down rather than clicking on them.

here’s a link to a How-To on here: [HOW-TO] Creating a basic IFR Flight Plan via G1000 then filing with ATC

You need to learn the flight plan per your aircraft… there isn’t one “simple easy” step. It’s primarily learning the entire route, plotting in each waypoint and airway and then, if you choose, plotting the ILS approach you will use to get to the runway. There are thousands of YouTube vids to show you.

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Once you enter a flight plan into the G1000, can you re-enable co pilot assist?

I’d really rather not have to manually enter all the com channels every time I enter a new area.

Yes, once you’ve filed your flight plan you can turn the co-pilot assist back on. The main reason to turn it off is to avoid the following scenario at uncontrolled airfields. You take off, you tune to the approach frequency, the co-pilot immediately requests VFR flight following. At this point to request IFR in sim you first have to cancel VFR flight following, upon cancelling the co-pilot immediately requests VFR flight following faster than you can request your IFR flight plan. And you get stuck in this endless loop.

Also check that the logbook is registering the additional flights, if that is important to you. The logbook tends to work with flights set up in the planning screen. The last time I tried a second flight from the same session, the logbook did not record the flight. It recorded airport A to airport C when I set up the G1000 at airport B going to airpot C.

Oh my copilot doesn’t talk on ATC. I guess I don’t have that option enabled after all. There must be a different setting that automatically changes your COM radio when ATC gives you a new frequency

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I found this exact thing. Except in my case I flew to an airport that I has set up in the planning screen of the sim, landed, then looked at my VFR charts and plotted a VOR course to another, landed there, then did it again for a third airfield.

In the flight log it only logged that I flew from the initial airport to the last one I landed at.