How to set PAYLOAD STATION WEIGHT:x values

I have been struggling to set payload weights, or even get the number of payload stations, using c#. Setting fuel works fine so I at least understand the basic concept, but when I try and set payload station weight it doesnt have any effect, and when I try and get the count it get an error of UNRECOGNIZED_ID.

After setting up the DataDefinition I use the following code:

DoubleProp payload1 = new()
                value = 15.25f
            SimConnect.SetDataOnSimObject(DataDefinition.PayloadStation_1, SimConnect.SIMCONNECT_OBJECT_ID_USER, SIMCONNECT_DATA_SET_FLAG.DEFAULT,

Anyone have any ideas on this? It’s driving me nuts. Thanks in advance.

I thought I would post an answer to my own question in case anyone else stumbles across this. The answer is that it does work, it just doesnt show up in the weight configuration UI in game. If you do something crazy like put 6000 pounds in the 5 cargo slot on a 172 you will see it wheelie. If you just add 100 pounds to a cargo slot you may not notice it at all. If you do a get on the total weight you will see your new weights reflected, just not in game.

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Are you able to see the simvars?

Can confirm … getting and setting weight by Simconnect API works well, but it doesn’t show these values in the ingame Fuel and Weight toolbar :nauseated_face:

Also the simvars of every payload station will report back the correct new values. But the values in the ingame gui does not.